Ag Training started trading in July 2005 and we became Registered Training Organisation in December 2005. We deliver training in agriculture, civil construction plant operations and forklift.
We became a RTO because harvesting contractors were hiring backpackers, as could not find staff in Australia. This created a problem as the backpackers were not trained or experienced and was causing accidents, which was costing a lot of money and down time.

By training the backpackers, not in class rooms, but on machinery we eliminated the accidents and increased productivity.

When we do training we asked the community what work needs to be done in their area.

On Mornington Island we cleared and graded twenty km of road while we trained and 60% of the trainees were employed by contractors who were working on the island and notice our training.

At Cloncurry we ran a front end loader and a grader course. The machinery was supplied by Roadtek, for which we graded and clean up some road for the organisation.


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