RIIMPO319E Backhoe Training Toowoomba

RIIMPO319E Backhoe/Loader Operations (LB) in Toowoomba and Darling Downs


Unit of competency

RIIMPO319E Conduct Backhoe/Loader Operations (LB) in Toowoomba and Darling Downs

Definition of a front end loader

A front-end loader backhoe is a self-propelled wheeled tractor that can be used as a front end loader or carry out backhoe type of work with an attached rear mounted backhoe.

The Ag Training Backhoe (LB) training course covers conducting backhoe/loader operations in the civil constructions industry.


Whether you have previous experience or not on a Backhoe, Ag Training’s  trainers work with you to deliver the best possible result.

Units/Aspects Covered:

This unit covers conducting Backhoe/loader operations in the civil construction industry and includes:

  • planning and preparing
  • conducting machine pre-operational checks
  • operating backhoe/ loaders
  • lifting, carrying and placing materials
  • selecting, removing and fitting attachments
  • relocating the backhoe/ loaders
  • carrying out machine operator maintenance
  • cleaning up.
Ag Training come to you

This involves going to your workplace and conducting an induction on the Backhoe, issuing training logbook and learners guide.

Trainees will be required to:

  • log sufficient workplace training on a Backhoe/Loader under a competent ticket supervisor
  • Study their learners guide.

Ag Training return to the workplace and conduct the theory (open book assessment) and practical assessment on the Backhoe/Loader.

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