TLILC0003 Forklift (LF) Truck Courses and Licences Toowoomba and Darling Downs

Toowoomba Forklift Licence Training
Unit of Competency TLILIC0003 Licence to Operate a Forklift Truck in Queensland

Forklift Licence Training Toowoomba Darling Downs

Operator Benefits

LF Forklift truck licence training develops practical skills providing you with increased work opportunities.

Our courses and training provide you with a recognised forklift licence. 

All in all, this will provide you with a definite path to further your career.

Increase Workforce Flexibility

Increase the flexibility of your workforce by enhancing their skillset. Encourage your staff to undertake a wider range of tasks and responsibilities.

By increasing the confidence, skills and motivation of your team, they will require less supervision and increase time efficiencies in your business.

Improve Staff Morale

People enjoy learning when the material is relevant to their interests and many will be eager to apply their new skills and knowledge in practical situations.

For instance, staff that possess diverse skills are generally more satisfied and positive in their jobs.

This decreases the occurrence of work related stress and improves the overall work environment.

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Toowoomba Forklift Licence Training FAQs

Forklift training can assist you by improving your employment opportunities, increasing your productivity and efficiency on the job and ensuring that you learn the correct safety procedures when operating a forklift.

  • Flexible employment. Nearly every industry requires forklift operators.
  • Productivity. Familiarisation with the forklift truck’s capabilities enables you to complete tasks in the most productive way.
  • Efficiency. Forklift training enables you to handle and manoeuvre the forklift truck in the most time conscious and energy efficient method.
  • Safety. You will be trained to ensure the forklift truck is being used in the safest manner. You will be aware of hazards that may arise so you can take cautionary action, to prevent any workplace injuries.

At Ag Training we provide a 3 day course at our Toowoomba facility.

At Ag Training, we offer a 3 day course for $620 to obtain your Forklift Licence in Toowoomba.

There is also a second option available to obtain your forklift licence if you can complete training at your workplace. The cost is $660 for a workplace induction, which we issue a logbook and learners guide and then complete the assessment.  In this option, the price is paid with half upfront and half when the assessment is completed within the Darling Downs and Granite Belt region.

To apply for your first forklift licence in Queensland (or to renew and old licence that has expired, and the required training has been re-completed), the cost is $102.60.

You must apply for your forklift licence within 60 days of completing the practical training.

The benefits of forklift truck licence training for employers:

  • Reduce the risk of Workplace Health and Safety fines.
  • Increase productivity – having employees qualified and skilled to perform a variety of tasks/jobs.
  • Reduce the risk of forklift accidents.
  • Reduce the risk of mechanical damage to the forklift.


The benefits of forklift truck licence training for individuals:

  • Individuals who complete forklift training have better opportunities finding work.
  • Safe employment ensures you come home at night to your family.
  • Gain the confidence to operate a forklift.
  • Get the certified qualification for operating a forklift.

If you have an old paper OHS forklift licence or expired licence you will have to provide the following information to obtain a current licence:

• A copy of the old licence
• Logged hours under supervision of a forklift licensed person
• A copy of the supervisor’s forklift licence

Ag Training will issue you with a learner’s guide (we can supply the learners guide as a video with a voice over), which you will have to study as the written assessment is a closed book.

If you have literacy and numeracy issues, the written assessment may be an oral assessment (where the trainer/assessor will ask you the questions and the trainer/assessor will write the answers you have given).

The procedure for the assessment is as follows:
• We have to give WHS three full working days notice, before the assessment can be undertaken.
• The written assessment is undertaken first and you have to pass it before the practical assessment is undertaken.
• The practical assessment is then completed.
• If you are deemed competent on the forklift you will be issued with an AS1 form, which will allow you to operate a forklift in the workplace legally.

To renew your forklift licence in Qld it currently costs $93.17. 

To renew your licence, this can be completed on the WorkSafe QLD website. A renewal notice will be sent to you approximately 4-6 weeks before the expiry date on your licence.

Do you have access to a forklift at work and a suitably qualified person with a forklift licence?

If yes, then we can do the following training:

  • We come to your workplace and do an induction on the forklift. This covers the legislation to operate a forklift and practical training, and we issue you with a logbook. This will take about three hours.
  • The trainee goes under the supervision of the licensed supervisor to log their hours in the logbook. There is no set hours to be logged, the supervisor deems the trainee competent to operate the forklift.
  • The trainee must study the learner’s guide, because the written assessment is closed book.

We then have to give WH&S three business day notice before we can come back to the workplace to do the written and practical assessment.

We’ve put together this handy pre-start forklift checklist to assist you.

Check out our upcoming forklift training dates to book in for your training.

Find out about high risk work licences, how to apply for, renew or replace your licence and update your contact details.

Yes, to operate a forklift truck in Queensland, you need to hold a forklift licence.

At Ag Training, our forklift licence training is nationally recognised, but you do have to register in each state that you plan on using your forklift.

Yes, forklift licences do expire.  Once they expire you have 12 months to renew before you need to re-do the entire course again.