You Can Help Train Your Future Employees


Offer work experience to local trainees to build your future workforce

Ag Training is seeking farmers and civil construction employers willing to provide work experience to skilled trainees over holidays and weekends.

These trainees are completing their Cert III in Agricultural Management or Cert III is Civil Construction Plant Operations and depending on their progress, are able to perform:
• Tractor Operation
• Plowing / Harvesting
• Tractor Maintenance
• Front End Loader Operation
• Earth moving
• Machinery Inspection & Cleaning

These students require approximately 50 days work experience to gain their qualification and we therefore rely on local farmers & businesses to create work experience opportunities for them.

Benefits of Hosting a Trainee for Work Experience

1. You can have a skilled worker who costs you less than half market rates
2. You get the opportunity to assess a potential new employee on the job
3. You help keep young people gainfully occupied during their holidays
4. You are sharing your knowledge to help build the next generation of farm workers, managers and owners
5. You are helping to create a skilled local labor force for the future
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