A side-by-side utility vehicle refers to a small vehicle designed specifically for off-road use. They
often have a bench-type seat, with a steering wheel and are designed to transport more than one person at any one time.

They are also equipped with four or more low pressure high flotation tyres and generally have a tray back designed for carrying small loads.

Side-by-side vehicles are not used as often as quad bikes, but increasing numbers of farms have changed over to using them as they are found to be a safer option.

Skills covered in our side by side utility vehicle training course –

Prepare side by side utility vehicle for use:
1. Appropriate personnel protective equipment is used and maintained according to enterprise requirements.
2. Conduct routine pre-operational checks.
3. Replace and/or report damaged or worn components.
4. Identify and report potential Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) hazards.
5. Secure loads and ensure weight does not exceed limits.
6. Attach equipment and loads that do not exceed the weight limitations or
change the dynamic stability of the vehicle.
7. Appropriate licenses for operation of vehicles are obtained where required.

Operate side by side utility vehicle:
1. Operate machinery and equipment in a safe, efficient and controlled manner.
2. Operate side by side utility vehicles in accordance with task requirements, conditions and manufacturers operating guidelines.
3. Assess and minimise potential risks to self, others and the environment.
4. Ensure that the vehicles seat belts and other safety features are functional and used.
5. Environmental implications associated with side by side utility vehicle operation are recognized and positive enterprise environmental procedures applied where relevant.

Complete work:
1. Follow shut down procedures.
2. Complete operational records.
3. Carry out routine operator servicing.
4. Identify and report malfunctions, faults, irregular performance or damage

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