Unit of Competency TLILIC0003
Licence to Operate a Forklift Truck in Queensland


 Operator Benefits

  • Forklift licence training develop skills, therefore, opportunities that you can use
  • In other words, increases your chances of work
  • Above all, our  programmes do recognise forklift operations as a definite career path.

    Increase Workforce Flexibility

    In addition, forklift licence training increases the skill set of your workforce, for a wider range of tasks and responsibilities.

    Therefore, greater confidence and motivation, leads you to become less reliant on supervision.

    Staff Morale

    Furthermore, people enjoy learning when the material is relevant to their interests and many will be eager to apply their new skills and knowledge in practical situations.

For instance, staff that possess diverse skills are generally more satisfied and positive in their jobs.

Generally, this decreases the occurrence of work related stress and improves the overall work


Video on our training

Practical Forklift Truck Training

Forklift Truck training Information:

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