Inspect and Clean Machinery for Plant, Animal and Soil Material

Unit of Competency AHCBIO201

Weed and Seed training applies to anyone who is moving machinery or equipment from one site to another. Such as combine harvesters, tractors, vehicles, trucks, dozers, graders, excavators, front end loaders, backhoe, scrapers and drill rigs. To ensure that soil borne pathogens and weed are not relocated to the new site.

What will I gain out of the weed & seed training?

If you are a supply company, mining company or a gas company you will reduce your daily cleaning costs. On the completion of the training in weed & seed you will be able to go to Santos, QGC, Arrow and Origin offices and get their vehicle/equipment inspection report book.

 The training covers

  • Company specific weed hygiene procedures
  • State  government legislation
  • Introduction to potential contaminants
  • Weed identification skills, covering declared pest plants and common weeds
  • Potential contamination points on vehicles, machinery and equipment
  • Inspection and clean down procedures
  • Safety procedures
  • Equipment to assist in inspection and cleaning
  • Practical clean down and inspection exercise conducted
  • Watch a video on weed & seed training

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