The Owner is Legally Responsible for Safety


Significant Fines Apply for Accidents Caused by Untrained Staff

The employer is responsible for complying with the relevant workplace health and safety legislation  designed to keep workplaces safe.

In the result of a workplace accident or injury, the employer will be asked to prove that all involved employees where adequately trained and certified to perform their duties.

Should it be found that an injury resulted from an employee being asked to perform duties for which they were not adequately trained, the employer is likely to face heavy fines.

While work-cover insurance should cover the initial pay out (which could be in the millions of dollars) the employer will still face significant work cover premium increases and all the guilt associated with being judged as having been responsible for a person being hurt.

Mining and construction businesses are well versed in their work place health and safety responsibilities however farmers are generally lagging behind. It is important that farming employers are aware that they are also legally exposed if their workers are operating machinery for which they are not licensed.

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